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And All The While, The Endless Chimes

Perhaps I should explain the vibe, or the mood of most of my songs. It's not rocket science to work out that my style is one that's rooted in melancholia, or sadness, or the want to have something more. The Endless Chimes I mention above is an analogy for the process of growing old, our life endlessly ebbing into the unknown, and the older you get, the faster the years go, and the chimes break the silence in your head.

Endless Chimes is also what I would like to have as my record label should we ever commit a digital recording to vinyl, or if I publish my lyrics, then Endless Chimes Music would be my preferred title, but as usual I'm waaay ahead of myself.

Endless chimes, that very line in the title above, are mentioned in the words to my song "Lament For Lost Youth", which can be found on my album "Welcome To Melancholia"

The album touches on many subjects, some personal, some imagined, and themes of longing, sadness, depression, home, and even after all this, hope. I'm very proud of the work, I know it's not perfect, but the Collective of Dani, Nuria and Corina bought into what I was trying to do, and made it better than I could have done on my own.

I see that some people are now stumbling onto the album on Spotify and that makes me happy, now I want you all to make us millionaires, if you don't mind. Buy this album now or I will never stop annoying you with these blogs.

Tomas, still On The Tajo, still delusional x

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