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Colony (Remaster)

Updated: Feb 22

I managed to get a free remaster on one of the tracks on Welcome To Melancholia, so I chose my personal favourite, Colony.

I've uploaded it on this site to download for 1 euro, I'm sorry, I tried to make it "name your price", which even includes zero.

Here is a presave link for Spotify if you prefer to acquire it from there, when it goes live.

But I won't be able to buy a villa in the Greek Islands if you take the free options, so.........

And a truly mysterious picture of yours truly which has no bearing or meaning in the concept of the song, (laughs smugly to self)

What a guy

Keep on Folking Up

El Tomas x

PS, I added a Cassette Mock Up kindly supplied by #distrokid, the second link above and also in picture form.

Woo Hoo

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