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So here we are............

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Finally have a page of our own to watch the tumbleweed go by. It feels great and maybe someone somewhere in the musical world will fall home from the bar one night and stumble on this.

Hi, we are The Melancholic Folk Collective, well more of an individual with scope to be a collective, playing anything from semi alternative rock to acoustic folk / rock and a little space whimsy (still to come).

The project first got together as a group of learners in Glasgow, Scotland in around 2015 and rehearsed and played the music written by myself, Tom Vernel. (Remember that name, it's instantly forgettable). After three years of pissing around and having a laugh, let's face it, we weren't real musicians, just people who played guitar etc, we actually started to record my songs in 2018. These songs became the template, after several remixes and versions, of half of what became our first album, "Welcome To Melancholia", released on all major platforms through Distrokid in the summer of 2022. I added afurther group of songs performed by new members of the Collective after moving to Spain after the Pandemic in 2020, eventually bearing fruit this year.

The original group of performers were : Adam Millar, Kenneth Thomson, Michael Kenneth, Darren Erkul, all who played guitar, both acoustic and electric, Cameron Leckie who played bass, Daniel McNeill on drums, and the lovely Ruth Ferguson and Carol Devennie on backing vocals. Plus me of course on vocal and guitar.

We always vowed never to discuss politics, religion or football. It was Glasgow after all, but somehow eventually we got round to discussing........ you get it. I don't think the troops liked the name anyway. We had many things in common, most importantly musical taste, but I was always moving away from my home city to settle in Spain, and things fizzled out.

The Collective in it's most recent incarnation consisted of myself on vocals, guitars and bass, Dani Romo on guitars and bass, Nuria Lopez and Corina Gonzalez on backing vocals. We hope to work on a new project soon as I have a ton of modern day classics that have to be heard ! I think I'm joking.

The album aforementioned is now available on all major music platforms to download for a small fee, it isn't available yet in vinyl or CD formats due to no one wanting to buy it yet, and sod getting loads of vinyl made to sit in my spare rooms which are already convoluted with stuff, endless stuff.

Buying directly from this site might be problematic as I haven't upgraded yet, no point till there's a demand, right ?

Not so subtle sales pitch


Anyway, till next time

Welcome to Melancholia

Three takes and go with it !!!

Edit : PayPal is active

Throw money..............

Tomas x

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