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Songs That Rhyme..........Or Don't !

I like to write songs, I'm proud of most of the ones I've finished, I've also others that are too difficult for me to play adequately to performance level, or just haven't properly finished. The dilemma always for me is to rhyme or not to rhyme the words. Some people can tie you in knots with their profound use of words and imagery, like poets with music.

Some of my songs don't rely on rhyming couplets am I talking about, I don't know. Suffice to say, if you think it's a cop out when words don't rhyme, well I don't really care, we don't talk in rhymes, and I'm telling a story, so I try and just keep it moving along. Even poets sometimes have abstract work that doesn't rhyme or follow a timbre.

So I'll stick to doing things the way I do them.

PS Thank you Finland for listening but why only one song?

Are the rest so bad?

Anyway, I don't half spout some shit.

Ciao, ciao for now

Tomas x

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