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Virtual Travelogue (An Acoustic Odyssey) Day 15

Well, where to begin, after three or four weeks when we have encountered very few problems, today we had minor issues sent to try us.

Some my own fault it has to be said, song arrangement descrepencies etc. I humbly apologise to the Maestro, who was mystified while trying to mend some guitar work that hadn't turned out as we wanted. Two of my arrangement sheets were wrong, and fuck knows how I managed to make these simple mistakes, but I shoot me, ha ha.

We worked on five songs today......"Song For You", "Your Town", "Summer Night In Central '77", "Speak To Me" and "Thinking About Leaving".

Mixing levels were adjusted for a first mix, a temporary one, to hear what we have achieved on all five, with additional guitar work done on the last two.

The closer we get to an almost final product, the longer it seems to take, and we still have our additional female vocals to record before thinking about drum programming, simple kick and snare subtle beats. All in all, a mixed day but we prevailed in the end.

Here is a grumpy Maestro on "take one" of his additional guitar parts, I think he settled on "take two" but not after banging his guitar on the chair, not good.

As the picture on the wall says "Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay" or is it "Rock and Roll Will Never Die"?

Keep On Folkin' Up

Tomas x

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