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Virtual Travelogue Day 11, Progress....

Today was the first time I had sat with Dani to discuss my appraisal of what we already had recorded, we now begin the next stage of the recording process, firstly today by assessing what has already worked and what hasn't. We are both very positive about what we have saved already, I really think we could have something special in the making, and no, this time I'm not kidding.

The first track that we amended today was "Song For You" which had electric guitar enhanced with some distortion, and new electric parts added, but we both agree that a new vocal would be better, as I sounded a bit throaty at the start.. It's called being old, and your voice begins to disintegrate a little with age.

This new vocal will be added next week, on Tuesday, along with my "2nd voice" on several other songs at various points. Once we have our finished article, acoustic, electric, voice, second voice, and then female backing vocals to be added last, then we can start to work on the levels of the mix, and make a second bounce before assessing it.

After this we need to consider either having a drummer in to add subtle, understated drum tracks, or programming our own drum and percussion tracks. We have the click and the songs are in time, so it would be a simple process to add a nice warm kick, snare etc to push the songs along with our dominant bass. That's the theory anyway.

I have added a very, very, raw version of "Star Children" which I played at home yesterday, without my lyrics in front of me, with Rock Star shades on which are too big, a little galgo in the background making a noise, my phone buzzing, and a very ordinary guitar and vocal performance, in fact it was shit.

But the tune is there, and the vibe, I hope you can tune into it.

Look how fucking ridiculously coooool I am, or maybe I just look stupid


Keep On Folking

Tomas x

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