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Virtual Travelogue Day 2

Well.........I'd like to say that everything went well and there were no problems in the studio today, but truth be told I had a bad day. We tried laying down guide tracks for the first two songs to be recorded for the album, but I was stressed, distracted, call it what you like, and didn't perform as well as I can, and is necessary. The infernal click was getting the better of me, although eventually we got a guide for Summer Night In Central '77.

We weren't as lucky for Thinking About Leaving, only partially.

I went on a total downer due to this, I've a lot on my mind, but my Engineer and Guitar Guru said to me to relax, I was a "musician and an artist"

Today I felt like neither, just a sad old dude with a guitar.

Hopefully next time will be better, how very touchy am I.

Here's a pic of me looking sad, and hopeless.

Keep on folking, in time to the click of course.

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