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Virtual Travelogue Day 3

Before I begin about today's woes, I'd just like to say that it was always the plan to recruit better musicians than me to play on this new collection of songs. If I'm being honest, the best track on Welcome To Melancholia is the only one I never played rhythm guitar on.

But even allowing for the fact we would be using solid, more professional musicians this time round, thus ensuring a more polished product, I still have to make these songs familiar to the producer, and the future musicians involved, so a guide track is required, doesn't have to be perfect, but does however require to have perfect timing.

And here is my problem so far. I have these songs on a meter in my head, I can play them all in the comfort of my home, and make them sound good, unfortunately the drum track we're using at this point is freaking me out. I can almost get it, but almost isn't enough and it's really depressing me. I never had this problem with the previous recordings so I can't put my finger on what's wrong. We got one, maybe two samples down, 10 to go, before the real musicians take over.

That picture of me in a previous lifetime pulling my hair out, sums up today, and my mood perfectly. In fact after today's session I felt like giving up and putting the guitar against the wall.

Virtual fucking Travelogue? I haven't even virtually left the front door yet.

Hopefully better next time.

Keep on folking up x

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