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Virtual Travelogue Day 4

Well, today was interesting, more productive, and with the help of the Maestro, Dani, we finally started to get somewhere. We managed to get four guide tracks done for "Summer Night In Central '77", "Return To Harley", "Thinking About Leaving" and "Perfect World"

Next time we will attempt to record the next two songs from our first batch of six, before starting to put down more professional, finished guitar, vocals and bass. Those two songs are "Your Town" and "Song For You"

Today was marginally easier playing to the infernal click, easier with two guitars and early sounds are good, but as I say, these are basic tracks. I am going to use more experienced guitarists to do the final recordings (Dani, ha ha), then onto bass and vocals.

We decided today that the album would be stripped back and acoustic heavy, so adding electrics and other instruments might be debatable at a later stage.

That's got me thinking, that instead of having 12 tracks in the finished product, I might settle for 10 instead, thus leaving the two more experimental songs I mentioned in a previous blog, "Conversation Parts I and II", and "Surf Boy", out of the album, but nothing decided yet. I might even replace them with two more acoustic songs, I've got fucking millions of them, (well maybe tens) so there are plenty to chose from.

All in all, I feel better today, for the first time in this project, and hopefully we can thrive going forward to finish a product to be proud of.

Anyway, here's a picture of the happy artist feeling all smug about himself and ready to go again next time.

Just an old guy with a guitar............

Keep on Folking Up

Tomas x

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