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Virtual Travelogue Day 6

Another day in the studio, another difficult day for me, laying down guide tracks for "Song For You" and "Astronaut". I play these songs all the time at home with the meter in my head, but playing to a defined tempo, an automated one, is still a challenge for me. Trying to concentrate on the click, leads to mistakes elsewhere, and it's not a process I enjoy. I'd prefer if we had a drummer in the room, but for now, that's not to be.

We did listen to "Summer Night In Central '77" because Dani has added guitar and bass tracks to my vocal, so that was encouraging because it sounds fucking great, you'll pardon my genius..............I hope you realise I'm joking.

Six guide tracks done, one progressed on, five more to lay down before the real work begins on them.

I have decided to add "Star Children" and "The Beautiful Trees" to the project, to replace the two more experimental sounds I had originally planned on, I might even consider adding another song, "Flags", an old favourite of mine, depending on the overall running time of the album.

For now, here's a picture of a nice bunch of guitars that may see the light of day further into this project, maybe have to get the Maestro to play on them though.

It's times like this that I realise that I'm still very much a limited guitarist, a student of guitar, but I have the songs in my head, and it's always been my goal to have others play them, and maybe even record them one day.

Keep On Folking Around

Tomas de Talavera x

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