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Virtual Travelogue Day 8

Well, it was a mixed day in the studio today, but in the end we made progress, and now we have began work on all 11 tracks of the project. Seven songs now have acoustic guitars, bass and primary vocals on them, with as yet, no EQ, compression or reverb etc.

The remaining four, "Lost In Space", "The Beautiful Trees", "Speak To Me" and "Star Children" we laid down guide tracks onto. We also added vocals on "Your Town".

While we got there in the end, "Your Town" proved to be a bit problematic, a simple song that proved to be a little difficult.

"Star Children" also, only three chords but not so easy to keep the tempo, for me anyway.

Next time we will add vocals to those songs still without at this point, by that time Dani will have added the main acoustic guitar tracks. After that we can plan harmonies, second guitars, lead guitars etc. It's sounding good, if maybe a little different from my original sounds I had in my head, but not in a bad way.

I can't think of anything funny to say, so I'll just put it to you that this album will one day be hailed as a Folk Rock classic, up there with Neil Young and Nick Drake......................

Or actually, it probably won't, but we can but dream.

Maybe I will actually have to come round to your places and tell you to buy this, as yet, unfinished work of unbridled beauty, then when I can retire off the proceeds, I won't have to assault your ears with any more tunes.

Here's a gratuitous picture of something nice to make your day.

Keep On Folking Up

Tomas de Talavera x

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