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Virtual Travelogue Day 9

Today was a day of appraisal in the studio, to assess what we already have and what we intend to add to the tracks. I recorded the remaining vocals on "The Beautiful Trees", "Speak To Me" and "Star Children" and although my voice is not the best, they are my songs, so shoot me if you don't think they are perfect. I don't do perfection, or happy, or lovey dovey, just stuff that makes sense in my head, and I even write lyrics that don't rhyme, like on "Star Children", it's so wonderfully abstract, and edgy. (Please don't take me seriously).

We also ironed out some problems with endings on "Your Town" and "Perfect World", so we are good to go with progressing the songs. I'll listen to what we have recorded and plan on second guitars, whether they be electric or acoustic, second voices on certain songs (my voice), and harmonies for most songs (higher pitched female voices).

As I said previously, there are no effects added yet, or plug ins, to enhance the sound, but from what I've heard so far, I'm quite happy we have a great sounding project in the making (but I'm biased of course).

Other than what I've told you, that's about it for today, the Maestro, Dani, will now go away and work on the songs for the next week or so before I decide how to progress with them.

Here's a nice little picture of my fake Ricky which will soon be jangling on the finished songs.

Anyway, the sun is out and it's warm here, hope it's nice where you are

Keep On Folking Around

Tomas de Talavera x

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