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Virtual Travelogue Finally Gets Under Way

A momentous day, work began today between my friend, maestro, and producer Dani Romo and myself, laying down the early framework of Virtual Travelogue, the second album from The Melancholic Folk Collective.

We put into action our recording plan for this future masterpiece (says me), and next time we get together, we start recording the first track.

The album will have ten acoustic driven folk / rock songs bookended by two experimental psychedelic blues songs showing that we can stretch our limits into other genres (listen to me waxing ha ha).

Here is the full track listing in provisional order, and I realise that these titles mean nothing to the phantoms who read this blog, but very soon they will be accruing multiple million plays on Spotify (maybe)

Conversation Parts 1 and 2

Song For You

Your Town

Return To Harley

Summer Night In Central '77

Perfect World


Lost In Space

Speak To Me


Thinking About Leaving

Surf Boy

Updates to follow, and hopefully some joyous tunes, with a dark hint of foreboding.


Keep On Folking


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