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"Virtual Travelogue" Rough Drafts

Next week the Collective start work on our second album, well maybe the week after.

It's going to be called Virtual Travelogue and will have the usual melodic folk rock vibe that I'm comfortable with, only this time the jangle will be better.

I'll put up some videos from time to time, rough performances, to show the viewer the beginning of, and the development of the songs that will make up the album. There will be two songs on the album which will veer away from the folk rock connection, instead they will drop into a psychedelic rock blues feel, it will be something different, presenting different challenges.

First up, recorded in my old flat in Glasgow with it's salubrious decor, is a tune called Your Town, it was written in around 2015/16 when I was a very basic learner, and this performance shows my guitar limitations, but also shows how fucking cool I am (please indulge me).

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